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Where excellence exists…

is the mantra by which Ivor Bourne, the ‘brains’ behind Bourne Solutions Ltd, lives every area of his life. His career has always been defined by challenging the norm and working against certain odds, allowing for a plethora of truly diverse experiences.

Ivor Bourne square2Ivor Bourne

After leaving school, Ivor entered into an apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering on the British Rail network. Further studies enabled Ivor to maintain his electrical bias, included obtaining a National Diploma in Air Conditioning Design and Installation. However, as his focus changed so did his positions and skills. Further studies included becoming a qualified fitness instructor, and gaining a coaching certificate in youth football. He also had a brief and successful foray into sales, selling double-glazing and life assurance policies, culminating in running a very successful property refurbishment business.

This culminated most recently between 2012 and 2014 in a Management and Driver support role at Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team. In this role, he was part of the team that supported drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, driving the team to ultimate success in 2014 with winning the drivers and constructors championships.

As he himself says ”

…Having worked at the very highest level of motorsport, and worked alongside some of the most influential people in and around the industry, I developed an understanding of what the exacting needs were of high profile Clientele. From this experience, I have been able to bring together a network of niche service providers, allowing the Client to build a professional relationship based on Trust, Integrity and Confidentiality, knowing that any service provided will be as specified and without unnecessary intrusion from third party sources.

He puts his main success down to a combination of strong communicative skills, a willingness to adapt, forward thinking and using challenges faced as a means to develop character. Tied in with a competitive side, he also understands the need for patience, balance and team morale in order to maximise your chances for success in whatever your goals or aspirations might be.

Ivor is always finding ways to challenge the norm, wanting to be the best at whatever he chooses to do, and passing those skills on to those that are willing to learn. He brings all this life-experience and skills to bear in forming Bourne Solutions to work alongside Integra Sports Partners. The philosophy of trust integrity and confidentiality are key attributes linked to both Bourne Solutions Ltd and Integra Sports Partners.

Because of our association, Bourne Solutions also contribute a percentage of their profits to Integra Sports Partners to endorse the belief that “…everyone talented enough, willing to work hard in pursuit of excellence and become ambassadorial in that pursuit…” deserves that opportunity, without the constraints of worrying about the financial burden such pursuits can bring…”


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